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how do i get out ofthe contract without being charged early fees of $550.

how do i get out of the contract without being charged early fees of $550.00
curtis asked this question 3 years ago
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    There is no legal way to cancel with out.paying cancellation fees if you are already past ten days
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    The highest the fees are is $420.00 plus what ever bil you have left. That fee drops $17.50 each month you stay with them. So unless you just signed up for Dish your fees to get out of the contract should be alot less. There is one good way of getting out of the contract. If you move to a new place where Dish is not permitted or there is no line of sight at your new place. There is nothing else you can do to get out of the contract. They will bill your card on file and get the money you owe. This is a subject they have been dealing with for many many years and noone can find a way to beat it. Im sorry there is nothing we can do to help you other then advice you you pay it your way on your time or they will force you to pay their way. Good luck
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    Do you have someone in your family that can take over your contract? if so, do a dishmover to have the system installed to their home and they could pay you for the monthly programming charge.

    or if the main account holder past away.

    other than that, you are stuck with the contract or pay the early cancellation fee.


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    I just wanted to offer clarification on one of the previous answers, if you move knowing that the service is not permitted by the landlord you will still be held accountable for the early termination fee. I would hate to lose you as a customer and would be more than happy to address any issues you may be having. Please e-mail me at:
    Daniel Busa
    DISH Network
    Customer Service
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    It is my understanding that landlords cannot prohibit DISH, only dictate where and how it is placed.

    Another way that I know will get you out of a contract is if you are military and get sent oversees for an extended period of time. I have seen that happen.