How do I get my 25 dollar gift card?

How do I get my 25 dollar gift card??
Falesia asked this question 3 years ago
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    Dish doesn't deal with gift cards. Local retailers and sales partners are the ones that run those promotions.

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      Typically, your account has to be active for 30 days before the process starts for them to send out your gift card. After that it takes 2-3 weeks for you to receive the gift card. In totally, it takes 6-8 weeks after you sign up to get the gift card.
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      I was told to go to this website to get it after my services was connected!!!
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      That would be your online discount.
      The site is You'll need your account number to register for your online account. At the top of the screen, select on log in/out and then on the right of that screen will have where you can set up as a new customer.

      After you registrar, on the left side it should give you the link for my offers. Click on it and on this screen it will give you a list of offers. Click on online bonus and it will give you the requirements: have autopay, paperless billing, and opt in to getting emails from dish. After that, you should be able to accept and submit for the discount and it will show up on your next bill statement. Once you get the online bonus, you don't have to keep the autopay if you do not want it.
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    we do have a few gift card promotions. it depends on what offer code is on your account and if you signed up with a retailer. you can try or . those are both some sites that administer gift card promotions through are sales partners.
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    We do offer gift card promotions. I would be happy to review your account and see where the gift card is. Please email me at

    Becki Barned
    DISH Internet Response Team