How do I connect 2nd TV to Dish box with HDMI cables with the TV located on other side of house...

How do I connect 2nd TV to Dish box with HDMI cables with the TV located on other side of house from reciever? The 2nd TV is currently connected by coax cable and I'm wanting to imporve the picture by using HDMI.
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    in order to get HD in a second room you need a receiver in that room. If you have a Hopper you only need to add a Joey.
    There are a few other possibilities, Let me know your receiver model #.

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      With that model, you would need another HD receiver. You should call 1 (800)333-3474 and see if you Qualify for an upgrade. I would suggest the Hopper system it will allow you to expand your high def to up to 4 rooms with the addition of a Joey. Also, if you add a sling adapter yoy can also watch your receiver anywhere on the internet.
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    You will have to have a receiver at each tv that you want to be HD. One option is to trade your 222 for two 211 receivers. Just give dish a call and they can set up an appointment for a tech to install it for you. You may have to pay an upgrade fee, they will go over that with you when call in.
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    That receiver is not capable of doing that. Only 1 tv coming off the dual HD receiver can be HD. U will need to call dish network at 1-800-333-3474 & we will bring out a HD receiver for that tv.
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    I saw your post and would like to help! You can email me your account number so I can get a work order set up for you to get that accomplished. My email address is and I'll look forward to speaking with you further in getting that done!