how do I cancel the prime time anytime recordings?

how do I cancel the prime time anytime recordings? The installer selected the prime time anytime when he hooked me up today and it is messing with my other recordings that I am trying to set up. There just aren;t that many prime time shows I want recording all of the time
Gail asked this question 3 years ago
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    You will be unable to disable it while it is active. But after it is finished, go to menu - settings - dvr defaults - primetime anytime. There just select disable and save and it won't set to record after that.

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    press the yellow button and then go into dvr defaults and select prime time any time and disable.

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    press menu-settings-dvr defaults then primetime and adjust the settings
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    i suggest leaving it running just because of all the extra shows that it records. they dont take up any extra space, are commercial free, and you dont have to clean up after them. if you are already having recording conflicts this may not be the best solution. call 1 800 333 3474 and ask about pricing for a second hopper. this will give you three more tuners to record on and it dosent cost extra monthly
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    On your remote there is 4 colored buttons in the middle. push the yellow one the select prime time and disable