how can i program 2 remotes for same tv every time i program one the other gete knocked out all...

how can i program 2 remotes for same tv
every time i program one the other
gete knocked out
all worked before new receiver
helen asked this question 4 years ago
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    what you need to do is go to the system info screen look at the number at the bottom next to remote address 2 than away from the reciever in the other room hold down the clear sat button till others light up and release the clear sat button should be blinking, thank press the number that you saw next to the remote address 2 , than hit the pound button and the light should go off than, press the record button two times and it will be set , the trick is to do this away from the reciever so it doesnt know that you are programing two remotes for the same tuner 2
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      you can also reach me at for help or ask me for my number on my email wont post it on here lol or be getting lots of calls
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    What model remote?
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    There could b a problem. R remotes program differently. It could b the same tv, but ur remotes can program differently. U need the code # so they will b the same. Some codes might do power and not volume. If u give me the name of the tv I can give u the code and u will b fine. Or u can call dish at 1-866-688-3274. Thank u
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    There are a few things that would make a difference when programming both remotes. Assuming that you are programming two remotes to control the receiver functions and not the TV functions you will need to follow the steps below. If you need the remotes to control the TV functions use Super Airborne Man's steps.
    1.) Take both remotes to the room with the receiver and access the system info screen by pressing menu twice. You may also be able to access this screen by pressing the Sys. Info button on the right side of the receiver.
    2.) If programming the remote to TV1 notate the remote address listed at the bottom that says TV1. If programming the remotes to TV2 notate TV 2 remote address.
    3. On the non working remote hold the "SAT" button until all four mode buttons light up.
    4.) Press the remote address listed in the white box followed by the pound (#) button.
    5.) Press record three times make sure the remote address remained the same.
    Check both remotes functionality, if one remote still doesn't work repeat the steps above on that remote using the same remote address. If you need further assistance send me an email at:

    Daniel Busa
    DISH L.L.C.
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    This link will give you step by step with pictures to help. good luck