how can i make remote work to new tv


i want to know is there a way that i can get my DISH Network remote control to work with my new television because i had my DISH remote to my old television and now i've just got a new one an i need help setting the remote to the new television
DERRICK asked this question 4 years ago
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    This expert is helping you out because there weren't many active Dish Network experts.

    Here's the easiest way:

    1. Turn the TV on. Then press and hold the clear/white "TV" button at the very top of the remote (second over from the left). Hold until all four of the top buttons light up (abt. 3 seconds)

    2. Press the LARGEST red power button (the one with the "power" symbol on it) just once. Do not hold it.

    3. Begin pressing the "up" arrow button (the one at the top of the circle near the center of the remote). Make sure not to press it too quickly.

    4. The TV will turn off when the remote finds the appropriate code. Be sure not to press any directional buttons after the TV turns off.

    5. Press the # (pound) button at the lower left-hand corner of the remote. This locks the new code in place.

    6. Press the SMALLER power button (directly below the big power button) once to make sure the right code has been selected. If the TV turns back on, you're done!

    If the TV doesn't work:

    Repeat step 1. Then press the DOWN button (at the bottom of the circle) very slowly. The TV should turn back off within two or three presses. Once it turns itself off, press the # button again.

    If this doesn't work, you may have an off-brand or unique TV which can't communicate with our remotes, for whatever reason. Also bear in mind that there are a great many codes in the remote, and it may take a very long time to scroll through them all to find the one for your particular brand of TV.

    Please feel free to call me at 301-418-1935 any time if you continue to experience problems.
  • Dish Network • 117 answers • 100% helpful's the easiest way. What type of tv? I'll give you what codes work best.
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    If you are unable to program the remote by scanning through the codes as inventorio described, you may try one of the following:

    Find the code for the brand of your tv. you may find this in your dish user manual if you have it or you may find it online.
    Once you have found the code, do the following:
    Press TV mode button at the top of your dish remote until all mode buttons illuminate
    release TV mode button
    enter the code that you found
    press pound
    Test the code by pressing the red TV power button
    your remote should now be programmed.

    If that does not work and you happen to have a black dish remote, you can teach the dish remote from your tv remote.

    Notice a small glossy window on the left side of the dish remote near the top.
    now that you've found it, do the following:

    grab both the dish remote and your new tv remote
    place your dish remote on a flat surface
    place your tv remote perpendicular to the dish remote (make sure the top of your tv remote is facing the glossy window of the dish remote)
    press and hold TV mode button on your dish remote untill all mode buttons illuminate
    release TV mode button
    press and hold the record button on your dish remote until the TV mode button stays lit
    release record button
    press and hold the large power button on your dish remote until the TV mode button blinks once and stays lit
    press and hold the power button on your new tv remote until TV mode light on your dish remote blinks once and stays lit
    repeat this process with each button on your dish remote you would like to program.
    For instance, if your want your dish remote to adjust your TV volume, press and hold dish remote volume up button, then volume up on your TV remote...volume down on your dish remote, volume down on your tv remote...mute on your dish remote, mute on your TV remote...etc

    when you have programmed desired buttons, press and release TV mode button on your dish remote.

    I know this looks long and complicated but if you follow it exactly, your remote will be programmed.

    Remember, this only works if your dish remote is black

    hope this helps