Hi I'm packing up the equipment and the instructions included mentioned a "switch"-- where can I...

Hi I'm packing up the equipment and the instructions included mentioned a "switch"-- where can I find it and what does it look like so I make sure everything gets put in the return box?
robert asked this question 3 years ago
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    Your installation may not have one that's a general pack out that goes in every box so just send back what you have

    Stephen Cruz
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      Thanks dishpan. Really appreciate it.
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    All that means is if u do have a switch to turn it in. If u don't, ur good to go. All they really care about r the receivers, remotes & LNBF ( the eyes of the satellite). If u can't get the LNBF because it's on ur roof just let dish know. Thank u
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    A switch is like a square box usually installed by the dish if you don't see it most likely you did not have one just send what you have and you'll be ok.
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    Usually you return the dish rcvr/remote(s) and the lnbf (nosepiece on the dish)

    but if you cant get to it due to safety reasons..dont risk your life to get the lnbf.

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    follow the lines from your dish and they will go to the switch, it's silver and square and has multiple coax connector posts. it can be either inside or outside but the lines from your dish will go to the switch and then to the receivers
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    the switch is usually under the eave of the roof close to the switch. you most likely do not have one.
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    the switch is a small piece of equpment usuall metal that connects your cables from the wall to the dish reciever box usually has about three c oax out puts on it it will say on the piece switch if you dont have one then you dont have to worry about sending it back the main equpment return is the recievers thats the only thing you will be billed for if its not returned