do i need a credit card to get dish service?

do i need a credit card to get dish service?
Richard asked this question 4 years ago
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    No you don't necessary need a credit card we have what is call a flex account it's a month to month basis and you won't be bound in to a contract but you have to pay for the installation a $ 99 fee and purchase the receiver. Just call dish at 1888-333-3474 and ask information and fees for a flex account.

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    Yes you will need a debit or credit card. Most times just for a $1.00 hold.
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    credit card or debit card.

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    Super Dish Is Correct...There are two "pay as you go" type accounts, call 1800 333-DISH for more details. They do, however, have a large up front costs.
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    call 1800333dish they will let you know more
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    for the best deal you need either a debit or credit card