Do I have to sign a contract if I already have a dish and receiver?

I can buy my neighbor's old dish satellite for cheap, will that allow me to get a Dish service a contract? If not, is there anything I can do to avoid signing a contract?
Antony asked this question 4 years ago
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    Hi there, Anonymous! My name is Kos, and I'm with the customer support in Dish Network's residential services division. I have some good news for you.

    If the receiver is owned by that customer, we can transfer it to a new account. What I would recommend first is to get the receiver and smartcard numbers from the equipment and call in or chat with us to check that the receiver can be transferred. If it can, great! From there you will need to speak to our sales team who can walk you through the different promotions for which you qualify. We do have a plan called the Activation Plan where there is no commitment, but the bill must be paid in advance and one-time charges cannot be places on the bill. For example, any pay-per-view movies or programming changes will be paid at time of order.

    We also have other plans available as well. Our sales team would best be able to assist you with looking over the plans. Never hesitate to give us a call at 1800333DISH 24 hours a day, 7 days a week or chat with us online at

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      Thanks, that's helpful, appreciate it.