Dish Remote doesn't work with the Hopper?

Dish Remote doesn't work with the Hopper?
Ronda asked this question 2 years ago
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    Please give me a second to research this
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      The hopper remotes are specific to each receiver when you get a new remote you must address it to the box. To do this on the front panel of the receiver press the system info button. Then on the remote press the sat button every 3 to 5 second until you hear a beep confirmation.if you have a older dish remote and want to use it with the hopper you need to address to remote address one. Press and hold the sat button until all the lights come on. Press 1 and then the # symbol the remote should blink three times and then work for you.
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    Cant do these steps on hopper mr fix it all you have to go to settings- remote to pair it choose the room on the screen its not like address the old recievers and remotes totally different
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    U can go to mydish .com & it will tell u what to do. Let me know if u need more help.
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    Can you please specify what you're referring to by Dish Remote? Dish Remote Access will work with the Hopper. If you're referring to just a basic Dish remote, you can use an IR remote. However, any of the older UHF remotes will not work with the Hopper. Please let me know at and I'll be happy to assist you further!