discontinued service after continus outages during storms and was told that was ok.

discontinued service after continus outages during storms and was told that was ok. they billed me for their equipment so i called and they told me they would send a ups box with instructions how to return their equipment, but i would have to take the lmb head off the roof, they would not have their installers remove it so, i paid someone to remove it. after i returned their equipment, they sent me a bill for early ternmination fees and the ups box and freight for their equipment return. i called them again and told these charges were not valid because i was never told there would be any addational charges so they turned the charges over to a collection agency an now it is on my credit report and they call me everyday trying to collect the balance. i want to sue them for deffamation for destorying my credit, but not sure what to do a this point.
julian asked this question 4 years ago
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    Sorry u've had these problems, but when u don't complete ur contract with Dish Network they do charge u a early termination fee and for the UPS. Early cancelation can b as mush as 420.00, it's pro-rated at 17.50 a month. Sorry u weren't told that. Hope this helps, once again sorry.

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      Thanks for the help!
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      It very welcome.
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    I am very sorry for your experience with Dish, but let me clear some things up for you. I have nothing to lose or gain from information I give since I am not an employee of Dish Network, so you can be assured that I am not going to mislead you on their behalf.
    1st, you can't sue for "deffamation" since Dish did not "Defame" you, ie, call you names. 2nd, you signed a contract. That contract is legal and binding. In it it states that if you end the contract early, that you will be charged for any months remaining in said contract and for the return of all leased equipment. The customer service agent you talked to should have told you about ALL the charges when you called to cancel. Now the thing to remember is, all of the phone called are recorded, so if you do decide to sue, they will just play those to a judge and I can almost guarantee that they said all the things they were supposed to say, even if they said them really fast.
    3rd, If Dish has already turned it over to a collection agency, Dish has zero control over the account. You will have to deal with the agency.
    Now that I've told you that, what you should have done is just call for a tech visit to re-point the dish when you were having problems during storms. Your Dish should not go out for more than a few minutes and then only during a really major storm. I always tell folks that it should take a miniature hurricane to knock it out. You may even be able to re-instate your service but you already have a bad taste in your mouth for dish and I don't blame you.
    Good luck.
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      i asked them for a signed contract when they told me i would have to pay for early termination, and they never responded. the next thing i heard was from the collection agency. there has to be some type of recourse because of the way this was handeled by dish network, now i have to suffer for their lack of customer service or their lack of service in general. they must be in violation of some type of consumer law or are they exzempt of law. i will file a complaint with the office of consumer affairs in this manner. i will not let them get away without some type of recourse.
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    You are in a tuff place. Sorry that things went south with Dish. But cant help you with any law suits. good luck