copy dvr recordings to computer

copy dvr recordings to computer
Paul asked this question 3 years ago
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    Sorry can't copy dvr recording to computer due to copy rights protection, If you have a VIP dvr rcvr you can connect a ehd to the rcvr and store on the hard drive but they can't be transferred off the ehd
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    Can't do it. What you CAN do is get an external hard drive and connect it to your DVR. A "wizard" will pop up and guide you thru copying your shows. This gives you more room to store programming. If you ever need to swap DVR's (due to failure or upgrade) all you would have to do is plug in the external hard drive with your shows on it an you don't loose anything.
    Unfortunately, the programming from Dish is encrypted so that only Dish Equipment can decode and play it.
    By the way, Dish used to charge just to access the USB port to connect an external hard drive, but now it is free. So don't let anyone tell you different!
    Hope this helps.
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    Call dish at 1-800-333-3474. U need a USB wire and a hard drive to down load these recordings to. I know when u call dish they give u the instruction and the proper way to apply this. Sorry I'm not very well educated on this subject. Dish network does not train us on this issue. Sorry. Thank u for being a cust.
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    The encoding and format of dish receivers and hard drives hooked to dish receivers prevent a computer from reading data stored.
    you will notice that when you hook a hard drive to a dish receiver, it will warn you that all data on the hdd will be lost. this is because of the reformat and partition for use on the receiver.
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    Short of doing some sort of analog video cannot copy any recordings to your computer.
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    Unfortunately due to FCC regulations you can't do that due to piracy everything that is recorded in our DVRs are encrypted and you can dowloaded into an external hard drive but can only be play on a dish network receiver.
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    you can do an analog recording using your pc like a vcr, but that is it. external hard drive will add space but you won't be able to watch them except at your own vip receiver location. sorry and good luck