Cannot watch on TV2 what we want, only TV1

We have 3 TV1's and 3 TV2's. When the Divo TV1 is recording, the TV2 that is controlled by it cannot watch anything but what the TV1 is recording. How can we get that stopped?
Ric asked this question 4 years ago
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    The particular receiver is in single mode. If this receiver is a Vip622 or Vip 722 open the access door on the right side and push the mode button. This will make the light under "mode" on the front panel to illuminate under the picture of the double sqares above the amber light. This will solve your issue. If not email me at with your phone number and I will be happy to call you back to resolve you issue.
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    Either it's in single mode or possibly you are looking at the tv1 picture at the tv2 location. To fix/ check that look on back of tv2 remote there should be a sticker with the channel number tv2 has to be on. Also if you try to use the tv2 remote and tv1 does the same're in single mode. If not then tv2 is on the wrong viewing channel.
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    another thing ric it could be that you have your tv set to record only on tv2 which means that when you go to a recording on tv1 its actually recording on tv2 and thats why you cant change tv2 only tv1 you can change that in the menu under prefrences
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    On the front of the Dish receivers open the door to the right. Look for the mode button and push it. You should see the lights on the front change. From single mode to doul mode. If it is in single mode then you have to watch the same thing on TV 1 and tv 2. in doul mode your free.