can you hook up a dish receiver without having audio and video jacks on a older tv

I want to hook up a second tv to a dish receiver with cable and dont have audio video jacks how do you do that and have the second tv work and can you change the channel with the dish remote or the tv remote anyone got any suggestions thanks
kerry asked this question 4 years ago
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      U need to 1st go to the reviever while its attached to the newer tv and change the settings Go to the menu button on ur dish remote and press it Then press #'s 6-1-5 this is ur settings to change ur channel. Go to the far side and place it on 60 or 73 for tv 1. Then press done and get out of that. U need splitter and some short RG-6 wires. This is a task to try to do this way, but I will try. Go to the back of ur reciever, u will c tv 2 side were a wire is black wire is coming out to a separator. Un do that wire from that separator. Place another wire on the separator. Take a splitter In the single side & attach the wire come from the reciever then take the other wire u added to the other side of the splitter. Then take a longer RG-6 wire and from the splitter to the tv. Do a check switch and it will puck up the channel.
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      I hope this helps. I've done this a millions times at cust homes. Never this way, so let me know and I will continue to help. Thank u
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    You will need to call Dish and have a tech visit set up for $15.00 to have them come to your home. If your reciver already is set up to run two tvs that the $15.00 is all you would have to pay. If not then there is 2 other ways to do it, they both include a tech visit. You can mirror your Tv so that both Tvs are on the same channel, Dish will charge you a one time fee of $50.00 to do this. the other way is to get a free upgrade for a reciver that runs two Tvs on diffrent channels. either way you will still need a tech to come out. call 1800-333-3474 good luck
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    well if you have solo rcvr (for 1 tv only) , you can mirror the tv to a 2nd tv but what you watch on 1st tv the 2nd tv is watching the same thing.

    if you want a 2nd tv setup, you ll need to upgrade your solo rcvr to a dual rcvr (for 2 tvs) dish and ask for a dish it up .
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    your best bet is to call for a tech if the instructions above didn't answer your question. there are many questions and details that could play into this scenario that would affect the whole system.
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    If you have a 311, 311k, 322, 512, 522, 625, 211, or 211k then there is a white centered coax connector labelled CH 3-4 out which you can hook directly to the TV and put the TV on Channel 3. If you have a 222k, 722k, or 922 with an OTA module then you also have a Chennel 3 out port. If you have a 222, 222k (w/out OTA), 622, 722, 722k (w/out OTA), or 922 (w/o OTA) then you will have to go to menu, system setup, installation, modulator setup and assign a channel to TV1. You will then have to put in a 2-way splitter on the Yellow Home Distribution port. Connect the single port to the home distro and then one of the outputs to the diplexer/triplexer and the other directly to the TV.

    If you have a hopper/joey you will need to us an RF modulator (available at many stores) which is a device you plug the RCA cables into and it has a coax out that the TV would tune to channel 3.
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      I forgot...the 612 also has CH 3-4 out