avoiding penalty for breaking dish contract

avoiding penalty for breaking dish contract
Brian asked this question 4 years ago
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    I know this is not what u want to hear but,
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      It's very hard to get out of ur contract with dish. They prorate ur contract for every month u don't keep it to $17.50 a month. Plus this will charge u to ship the boxes back. They will put this on ur credit if u don't. I know this is not what u wanted to hear, but it's the truth. If there Is something wrong let me know and I will try to help. I'm sorry u've had problems. Sorry.
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    Unfortunately, early termination fee is $17.50/ month X remaining months on your contract.

    You can try to call Dish and ask for loyalty team to see what they can do for you. no harm in asking.
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    It is very difficult to get out of a Dish contract. Almost like a cell phone contract, the intent is to keep you locked in. The only ways to get out is to pay the fee, keep the service until the contract expires, or to move to a location where you are unable to receive service. This will need to be determined by a technician, so you will need to have a tech out to attempt to set up before you can get out of the contract. You might also consider speaking to the loyalty team, as sometimes there are deals they can set you up with that would be less per month than the cancellation fee. If you'd like to try this route, just call in at 18003333474 and advise your representative of the situation at hand, and they should be able to assist you or put you through to the Loyalty team.
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    That's unfortunate to hear that you're leaving us! Why did you want to cancel your service? If you could tell me what type of issues or concerns you've had, I would be more than happy to help!
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    how Long have you been under contrsct?
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    There are only a very few situations in which you can get out of a contract free and clear...they typically involve the death of the account holder or getting sent to Afghanistan with the military...short of that you are usually locked in (hence the term "contract").