assign the second remote to a new tv

assign the second remote to a new tv
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  • Q: What model remote and tv do you have?

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    Press and hold the clear tv button at the top of the remote until the other clear buttons light up.
    The tv button should be blinking.
    While it is blinking, press in the code ( and then the # button.
    The tv button should blink off at this point.
    Try the power button and volume buttons to make sure that they function.
    Once you've verified that they do, press the SAT button to get it back in satellite mode and the functions should still work.
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    If you can't find the code or the codes listed does not work, you can do a code search. This works on most tv's.
    Make sure the TV is on
    press the TV button on your remote until all the top buttons lite up
    press the main power button
    press the channel up button slowly, about once per second until the tv turns off.
    (if you accidentally go past the code, sometimes you can press the channel down button to go back, but if not you have to start over.)
    press the # button and you are done.
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    you will need to have both remotes go to main receiver push the system system button make sure that the remotes have diffident address if they do then follow the above instructions
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    K, To do volume & power point ur remote at the 2nd tv. Press & hold the tv button at the very very top till all 4 lights lite up. Then press the big red power button once. Now press the channel up button slowly till ur tv turns off. Once it does press the pound once. Then press the big red power button 3 to 5 times or until ur tv comes back on. Let me know if u need more help.
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    Is the problem that your dish remote does not control your new tv's volume and power? Or is the issue also that you do not have a picture on your new tv? ... If the issue is simply needing the dish remote to control power and volume you can preform a tv power scan. Make sure your tv is on. On the top of your remote there is 4 mode buttons - SAT, TV, DVD, AUX, hold down the TV mode button for approximately 10 secs. until all four mode buttons light up. Then press and release the large red power button (not the red tv button). Then press the channel up button on the remote repeatively every 10 secs until your tv set shuts off ( same button you use to change the channel but the channels should not change). Once the tv shuts off, prompt press the # key on the remote. Make sure you place your remote back into sat mode by pressing the sat mode button. Now your tv can control the volume and power.

    Now if you do not have a picture on TV2 location using the second remote, tune the tv set to channel 21,60,73,116 to see if you have a dish picture on any of these channels. You can do this manually from the tv set if the tv allows or you can change the channel with the dish remote. If you using the dish remote to change the tv set channels you will need to first press the tv mode button for the channels to change. If none of these channels work make sure the cable in the back of the tv is secure and/or try the second cable location on the tv if applicable.
    Then make sure the cable in the opposite room located on the back of the box, title home distribution 21-69 out, is secure. If everything is secure reset your dish box by unplugging from the wall for 10 secs. Once system is back retry the channels....If you still have no picture go to the receiver box (TV-1), grab the remote and press the menu button to bring up the main menu option on tv-1 screen. Now select system setup -> installation -> modulator setup. Once on the modulator setup screen select cable or air for tv2 out only. So if air currently selected then you will need to select cable. If you have selected air make sure the channel number changes in the box to display 60 then select done. If you select cable make sure the channel number displays 73 then select done. ( do not interfere with TV-1 out manual, its okay if it changes on its own.) Now go back to tv2 once again and retry the channel numbers. You should now have a picture. Place your remote in sat mode and enjoy. Hope this helps