After changing my remote batteries, my remote no longer changes channels but i know it works...

After changing my remote batteries, my remote no longer changes channels but i know it works because the SAT button lights up every time i press it. What do i do?
Ana asked this question 3 years ago
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    1st try re-setting ur receiver by unplugging for 1 minute. sometimes they freeze up. if that doesn't work heres another way...
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      Go to the receiver & press the menu button twice on th receiver buttons. 1. Press & hold the SAT button till all 4 lites lite up.. 2.. Press any number (#) between 1-15. 3. Press the pound (#) button once. 4. Now press the RECORD button # to % times or until ur remote address changes. Once it does ur good to go. Let me know if u need more assits, will glad to help. Thank u for being a cust. :)
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    first press menu button twice -- that will bring up your system info screen where you will see the remote adresses fot tv1, and tv2

    press and hold the "sat" button on the remote till all the lighta come on
    now press the number that is for the receiver you are programming (from the previous step) then press #--- it should now work.
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    you can press menu 2 times on the receiver, now with the remote press the record button and the number next to either the 1 or 2 on the screen (depends on the remote you are programming) should change. at this point you are good to go
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    what was said above is correct if thats your number two remote if its num one remote depending on what type of reciever you have youre going to have to a ccess system info from the reciever front panel if you have a 311 or 322 youre going to have to either pull out the smart card or press power and then up on the front to get to system info and do the steps above. or vip open the door on the right side and press system info, 625 522 512 reicers you will have to press system info on the front also.