, where is INSP CHANNEL


I really miss INSP show linups. I loved watching The Waltons, Little House on the Prairie, and Wind at My Back. Why did Dishnetwork discontinue this channel? I do not understand it one bit. Is Dish Network getting GREEDY
Mary asked this question 4 years ago
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    Hello Mary! My name is Kos with customer support at Dish Network. I'm sorry to hear that you were affected by the recent loss of the Inspiration Network channel.

    I assure you we're not trying to be greedy. What has happened is the owners of the Inspiration network asked us to remove the channel from our lineup. Our contract with them has expired, and they have decided not to renew with us. From what I am told, we are still trying to work with them to get the channel back, but in the meantime we do not have this channel.

    I do know that the Waltons is showing on the Hallmark channel weekdays from 3PM to 6PM, channel 185 with your subscription to the America's Top 200 package or higher.

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      I am given to understand that dish network expects INSP to pay YOU, DISH NETWORK, for the opportunity to be telecasted. They have a very small budget and what I really do not understand is you pay other shows for the right to air THEM. What is wrong with this picture?
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      I understand this is the communication Inspiration is passing. As I'm sure you can understand, when these situations come about, everyone is the bad guy. If we are charging INSP for airing their signal, which I don't have the details to confirm or deny, they are in a similar situation elsewhere too. One of the best things we can do is to have you call us so we can log the interest in this channel if you haven't already. Just give us a call any time, day or night, and let us know this is really upsetting you. Ask them to fill out a programming request form. This is the easiest way for us to track this issue so we know how big of an issue it is. I understand how much of an impact this has on you, and I hope that you will understand as we try to work with INSP to get their channel back for you.