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Why is channel 30 being removed from Direct TV and not Dish or Comcast?

Why is channel 30 being removed from Direct TV and not Dish or Comcast?
Julie asked this question 2 years ago
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    Accepted answer
    Julie I'm Directv is in a discussion with the company who one this channel. Directv is trying to come to a agreement. Please call directv at 1-800-531-5000 & voice ur concern about losing this channel. Again I'm sorry, but please call it goes a long way.
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      Please let me know if I have anymore question about this.
    • J
      Thank you for responding. I did call the number you suggested and they said it was a contract dispute. I sure hope this gets resolved because this is the channel we watch every night. Not that this matters to most, but it does to our family because we don't find there is much to watch on TV any more.
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      I agree with u a 100 %, I'm a tech & a cust also & just wish when they r going thru this dispute they would think about us. It's all about how much more money they can get out of us. It gets frustrating!!!!!! Again I'm sorry & there's no clear date to when this is going to happen. Hope this helps... :)
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      Also here's r CEO's Email.
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    Here's the link to keep up on the negotiations:

    We’re engaged in productive discussions with Sinclair Broadcast Group to retain their local stations in the DIRECTV line-up. Our customers can be assured that neither DIRECTV nor Sinclair has any intention of allowing the disruption of their local stations. These are the same unnecessary threats, posing as warnings, that Sinclair has made to frighten customers of other pay TV providers. We will compensate Sinclair fairly, but our customers should not be forced to pay more than twice as much for the same programs that remain available completely free of charge over the air and online.

    Check out all the Sinclair Broadcasting disputes

    February 2013: Sinclair and DIRECTV
    In February, 2013, Sinclair threatened to take 70+ stations out of DIRECTV customers homes in 45 cities unless everyone pays more than than they already do for stations actually owned by ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX or anyone else.
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      When contract disputes arise over station owners’ unnecessary increases in what you should pay for these free over-the-air stations, DIRECTV will never remove them from your lineup. Period. Station owners may try to avoid their responsibilities to you, but make no mistake: the station owners are the only ones who can decide to take away your local stations.