When we signed up with Directv we did not activate an existing cable hookup on the lanai because...

When we signed up with Directv we did not activate an existing cable hookup on the lanai because we didn't have a TV for that area yet and we weren't sure if we needed to change the location of where we wanted the TV to be mounted. I called today to see how much it would cost to get an HD receiver for a TV (not a dvr) out there and how much to activate it and they quoted me $175! ($69 plus installation plus tax). That price seems outrageous to me--is there a way to avoid this high cost? Do they ever waive the installation fee?
Alison asked this question 4 years ago
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    Not really , early receiver upgrades are 100$ and dvrs are 200$. If you wait 12 months it will be free
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    I understand your frustration about the cost however the only way to avoid the charge is to do it yourself or wait till after you have been a customer for 2 years. Credits are based on length of history and payment history as well as the plan you are on. Also if you call and request credits a lot of course you are less likely to get a discount. I would advised if you want to get the lowest cost then either wait it out or maybe buy a used receiver off ebay or craigslist )make sure to verify not stolen thru dtv) or just pay the full cost. Also remember anytime you have dtv hook up a receiver you are agreeing to a new 2 year agreement.
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      As for what tech is saying your not guaranteed it will be free after 12 months. I have plenty of customers that have 2 or three years and still don't get a free receivers.
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    ....and I have customers who get free 'standard' or HD receivers for $0 after 6 months (if you get the upgrade). Depends on which office you get. I don't get $69 to $175 when installation is $49 (maybe a bit more with all the other increases). If the line there is hooked up then it's active. You can go online and get used receivers for very little cost. You will probably have to pay for a new access card ($20) but NO NEW CONTRACT as you're not 'upgrading'.
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    Since your outside of your 14 days of install, and have been a customer less then 12 month, with no history, those are the times you will pay full price for a standard receiver is $69.00, plus install of $49.00. You are also being quoted an extra $50.00 based on how long yo have been with Directv. EVEN if you purchase a receiver from sears.com, best buy, etc that are new receivers, you are paying the leased amount to get it at that cost. If you purchase on ebay, craiglist, etc as used, you want to make sure it is not stolen, and it isn't a leased receiver, otherwise directv will not be able to activate it for you. When purchasing a used equipment, you will be charged either $20 or $25.00 to replace the card, as the card you get with used equipment can not be activated. IF at the time you were installed do you recall if the tech installed the line to the room you want? If so you do not need the install, just a receiver.
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    go to solid signal .com buy the reciver and hook it up your self and call dtv and have it activated on your account an h-25 is $99.00 swim only k-3 you need h-24