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When does direct plan on carrying the Blaze TV network?

When does direct plan on carrying the Blaze TV network?
Picked up Al jazzuer america right away
Jeff asked this question 7 months ago
  • directvtech13

    Directv rep 7 years and still going! Always here to help you! Also Worked for AT&T

    This expert is helping you out because there weren't many active DIRECTV experts.

    Jeff Directv and Blaze are in negotiations as we speak these things take time but soon they will carry Blaze


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  • SuperAIRBORNEMan

    I've been a tech for Dish Network for 12 years & Directv for 3 years. I also was a Paratrooper (509th)...

    Jeff as of now Dish Network is the only satellite company with it. Directv has been in talks for months with no promises of ever getting it. I want u too know this because there's no promise try will get it. I'm sorry to say that, But that's the truth. I'm here if u have more question or ever need help. Here's a number to r corp office to voice ur opion. It does help.

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  • Troy

    Hello, I have been a DirecTV employee for several years working in Customer Service. On a daily basis, I...

    As stated above, DirecTV is negotiating with the Blaze Network over the price DirecTV will pay for broadcast rights. DirecTV's stance is that they want to provide the network at a cost which does not require raising the rates for every customer. The Blaze Network has been holding firm at a price point which, if accepted, would force millions of DirecTV customers, who are not Glen Beck fans, to pay more for a channel that they do not value. That is a sure-fire way to loose customers. These things do take time, as mentioned above. If you would like to see DirecTV carry the Blaze Network sooner, you should write to the Blaze and let them know that you want to see them on DirecTV without your bill increasing.
    Some networks, such as Al Jazzuer, do not ask such high amounts for broadcast rights, so negotiating a contract is a much quicker process.

    You can also visit to get more information on the negotiation process and updates as they become available.


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