What station does Game of Thrones come on?

What station does Game of Thrones come on? is it possible to view screenings of previous shows?
James asked this question 2 years ago
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    It is on hbo and yes hbo has all past episodes. You will need to add to your account it is 15.99 a month.

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    also thats channel 501 James. When Satman says that HBO carries all past episodes that is correct....BUT thats carried on "ON DEMAND" only. So you have to have an internet connection connected to the receiver to get those. And it has to be an HD DVR to get ON DEMAND! If you have any other questions please let me know...and the number to call to get HBO added on is 1-800-531-5000! Thanks and have a great evening!

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    Game of Thrones is available with your subscription to HBO. Past episodes are available on HBO on Demand with an active internet connection to your HD-DVR
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    A subscription to HBO is $17.99 per month. You may be able to get $5 off for 3 months if you have not had HBO for a while. Call 1-800-531-5000 and it can be added.