The picture on my tv screen cuts the heads off of the characters.

The picture on my tv screen cuts the heads off of the characters. I guess the picture is too big for my screen which is a 50 inch flat screen, you know the big box type that is on wheels and stands alone. We just reset our directv receiver because we were having problems, but now it's fixed but the picture doesn't fit the screen. I have tried altering every option under the display section of the directv menu standard to widescreen, 420 to 720 to 1081, and the crop, stretch, and original format stuff,
what am I missing?
Amanda asked this question 4 years ago
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    Move the mode switch to tv on your Directv remote and hit the format button until the picture looks good

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    • Amanda
      It didn't even occur to me that the tv would have settings in addition to those under the directv settings button. Thanks. I can see the whole picture now, just have the annoying gray bars on the sides, but I'll keep fiddling with it. Thanks.
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      You can change those settings too. Using the Directv, go into the menu, settings, display, video. Change the screen format to original format, and the bar color to black. Make sure the native is off and your resolution on the receiver says its on 1080i
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  • Its the Tv format itself it has a zoom function use the tv remote to change the zoom setting

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    menu -settings & help - display - tv ratio. Make sure the dot is in Widescreen (for HDTV). Then hit the back button and go down to TV resolutions and make sure 1080i is checked (if not, check it). Don't worry about 1080p, just 1080i. This should fix the issue.
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    • Amanda
      thanks, but that didn't work.
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    Use the Remote that came with the tv as it is the easiest. If you have a format button or aspect raitio button use that on the tv itself not the directv one and that should resolve your problem.
    • Amanda
      thanks, but i don't have the original remote anymore.
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      I see Tech helped you out :) I hope you had a great experience with :)
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    Make sure your TV not your receivery is on natiive turnnd the 4:3 off. Some TVs my not have this options but similar in nature. And make shure your zoom is off and turned to 16:9 native. This option is also in your directv settings in the menu option. Already explain above. By other techy. It hard to say about the situation if your a new customer that just got set up then your TVs were never set properly. For example swapping from one provider to another or just somebody fat fingerings the the buttons:)
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    first let's verify the setting in the DirecTV receiver. From the menu, go to settings, then display, then video, in this section make sure native is off, screen format (I have mine on original format). once you have selected a screen format you like, go on to TV Ratio. make sure this is selected to widescreen 16:9. Now go to the TV Resolutions. beside the 480, 720p, make sure there is a check mark there for 1080i (don't worry about 1080p, as most shows are only 1080i). if your setting match the ones I have listed. You will then need to consult your TV Manufacturer.
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    • Amanda
      thanks, but it didn't work.