My volume does not work on the remote

My receiver will not let me move the volume up or down and the mute does not work I need to know how to re configure it
Betty asked this question 4 years ago
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    Reset your remote by sliding the tab at the top of the rmote over to the TV slot (all the way to the right). Press "Select" and "mute" at the same time until a green light flashes twice. Press 9 8 1. you will then see the light flash 4 times. The press "select" and "mute" again till the light flashes twice again. Press 9 9 1, it will blink twice again and then press 1 it will blink twice again. then press the "Channel Up" button slowly until the TV turns off (if you have it turned on) or it turns on (if you have it turned off). when it does this stop pressing the channel up button and then hit the "select" Button. You have now successfully programmed your remote.
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    This website should point you in the right direction:
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    There is an on screen walk through of Resetting the remote. In the menu, settings, setup, remote tab. You can also change your channel to channel one on your directv and watch the tutorial for the remote control.
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    Press the menu button on your remote, scrol to the bottom to (Parental, Fav's & Setup) press select.
    Then scrol down to System Setup, and press select.
    Then scrol down to Remote Control, and press select.
    Then press select TV.
    Then scrol to your brand of TV and follow the instructions.
    If you have a H24, or HR24 this will be a little different. (easier)
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