my tv is showing this message: Your satellite box is over the temperature limit.

my tv is showing this message:

Your satellite box is over the temperature limit.

what do I do?
(it has been "cooling down" for over 30 minutes_
Beth asked this question 4 years ago
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    Unplug the receiver and let it set.for 5 minutes. Then plug it back in
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    Press the red reset button on the receiver. When the receiver starts back up and gets to the screen that says "Running receiver self check" press "Select". This will enter the receiver into diagnostics mode. You can run multiple tests here, but the one you're mainly concerned with is the Fan test to see if your cooling fan is working. Scroll down to and press select on "advanced tests menu" then select on "Internal Components Tests". Then, scroll down to Fan test, press select, press select on run test to see if it passes. if it does not pass, you need to leave the receiver shut down and get it replaced.
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    If you have unplugged your receiver for 30 minutes, you will need to call in and have it replaced. Also make sure your receiver is well ventilated
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    You may need to give it more than 5 minutes. This is NOT a common code. When this is happening you're getting dangerously close to burning out the receiver. Please check area on sides and on top of box. You should have 2-3 inches 'minimum' on all sides. If it keeps happening call 1-800-531-5000 as you might need a replacement.
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    This expert is helping you out because there weren't many active DIRECTV experts.

    call 1800531500 and have a service tech come replace it.