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My DirecTv remote is not working.

My DirecTv remote is not working. The green light flashes, volume will only change by 1 unit as you hold down the button, the up/down arrows don't work but the page up/down buttons work sometimes, and the guide button works. Nothing else!
Matt asked this question 1 year ago
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    Try changing the batteries if that doesn't work you can get a new one at most electronic stores or by calling 18005315000
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    Remote 'might' be dying. Try brand new batteries (if you have some) to be sure. Replacement remotes are free if you have protection plan, $15 if not. You can call 1-800-531-5000 and have troubleshooting done and one sent out. Many Walmart and Best Buy stores carry them as well.

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    DIRECTV Customer Service

    can be reached at (800) 531-5000

    The Super Tech Solver's tips for this call:

    Keep pushing '0' to bypass automated system.

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    1st change ur batteries, Then unplug ur receiver for 1 minute then plug back in. This will reset ur receiver. Please let me know why happens?