I would like to end my 2 year contract with direct tv without having to pay any kind of...

I would like to end my 2 year contract with direct tv without having to pay any kind of cancellation fee. My reason for cancelling early is that the cost is too much. I did not realize that at the end of the first year my bill would almost double. I have found a better deal with another company.
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    I wish I had better new, but 'buyers remorse' is never a valid reason to void a contract. You signed a legal agreement to stay with DirecTV for two years. As a DirecTV paying customer (most employees don't pay), I research prices a lot. There is no better 'value' out there, but always cheaper prices. Best bet is to call 1-800-531-5000 and see if you can get any discounts for now to ease the pain.

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      Thanks for the help!
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      You're welcome. Something else to think about is the cancellation fee (while still ever looming) does go down $20/month. Beginning of contract is $480, one year left $240, 6 months $120, etc.... Just something to keep in mind. Some folks would rather take the hit now, rather than paying more in the long run.
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    I am with the Customer Rentention Group and there are only 3 ways out of your 2yr service agreement:
    1. death (you must provide your death certificate)
    2. military deployment (you must provide copy of your orders)
    3. you are admitted into a nursing home (you must provide proof)

    just because you found a cheaper new customer offer from another company does not release you from your contract. Depending on how you maintained your account, there are most likely discount offers available for you. The better you maintained your account, the better the offers. If you did not maintain you account very well, offers will be light. No offer will sound as enticing as a new customer offer, but they do come pretty darn close. Call 1-800-531-5000 and when prompted say "close account" this will bring you to the customer retention department. they are the only ones that can make you offers.

    If you do decide to cancel, the early cancellatin fee is prorated at $20 per month for each month of the agreement that you do not complete. it will not be waived.

    hope this helps. any other questions, you can contact me directly at: http://www.insidr.com/in/d-girl

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    What you can do to save money is downgrade , or you can call directv and tell them you are offered another better price from another company and you would like to cancel , and they should lower down the price , its a little secret us sales reps know .
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    D Girl's Answer is the correct answer. Just a reminder the price you are being quoted by the other company you need to confirm is it just an intro price for how long. Every company out there has intro rate, thus why everyone always seems cheaper. Checking on the other fees also extra receivers, not having a receiver connected to a phone, etc
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