i would like the money put back in my fathers card, the ufc fight canceled and i would pay the balan

i canceled my service after a year in a half because every month my bill was higher and higher and every single time i would call there was nothing that can be done, so i wasted my time calling and nothing was changed, i canceled because i was tiered of paying so much for cable so i decided my life would just be better with no cable as i could not pay these high amounts for cable, i had a cancellation fee of 160 dollars plus my past bill of 150. there was a balance of 330 dollars, i paid 50 which left me with a balance of 287, i was going to pay for this when i got paid october 7 half and then the other half the next time i got paid, the due date was 10-10. 10-6 my fathers credit card was charged 338 dollars when his credit card was only used a couple of times to pay the bill online. first there was no authorization for this to be charged, and secondly they now want to charge me a ufc fight which they say i ordered may/2010 and i never paid for. as i have no proof of my statements i dont remember if i ordered this fight and if i did i thought it would of been charged the month after. after a year in half they want to charge me a fight which i dont even remember watching because it was so long ago. this is rediculous and disgusting to know. then they tell me they can return these fees if i connect my service once again with direct tv, what kind of complany is this, if i dont get direct tv again i have to pay this rediculous fee of a fight from a year ago and my fathers account has been charger with no authorization. if i do get the service back they return the money in the card. i am disgusted and so angry about the service i have received from direct tv.
nathalie asked this question 4 years ago
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    Call 18005315000 and ask for the s.a.v.e. team
  • I don't see a question here. Just a rant.
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    I am a billing specialist with Directv, and I'm sorry that your fathers card was charged and that you were charged for a fight that was ordered over a year ago, but according to the credit card disclosure directv has the right to charge your dads card. In that agreement it states that directv can charge the card on file, after an account has been disconnected, voluntarily or involuntarily, it can charge the card for non return fees early cancellation fees and outstanding balances, it also says it on all your bills. The timelines on when they charge a card for a voluntary disconnect is 20days after disconnecting the first time and if they dont get the full amt at that time they will try again 25days after that.
    As for the fight, that is part of lease addendum, you will be charged for any unbilled pay per view or directv cinemas. the access card will allow you to order so many ppv or events before it stops you, but if your receiver is not hooked up to a phone line or internet connection it has no way of being billed when you order by remote. When you return the receivers and access cards they are cleared and anything on them will be billed to your account.

    I know none of this was the answer you were looking for, but it is part of the customer agreement that you signed at the time of installation.
    The only way to reverse the charges is to reconnect with directv and maybe look at a cheaper package, we have the family package for 29.99 or the select package for 44.99
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    Sadly you are screwed to put it mildly. The CSR that you, or you Dad dealt with when his card was used probably did not disclose the information. Billing can't help as they have no record of the card, it's just kept in the system in the event there are unpaid charges after cancellation. For you next service, when someone says they can't help you about your bill going up, ask for their supervisor. Sorry about all your issues!
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    Visit http://www.directv.com/DTVAPP/content/legal/cus....
    Look under section 5e. This will tell you about payment upon cancellation. There is no way to get the money back. As far as the pay per view goes someone must have ordered it at one point because it was on the access card when Directv got it back. You have to go through many prompts to order it through the remote control which would have been the only way it was ordered. None of these answer is what you are looking for but they are all true. You can attempt to speak to someone in retention and see if they have a Winback offer for you to avoid these charges. Seeing how you are upset over the whole mess I don't see you wanting to come back. Good luck in your adventures.