I use my phone as a portable hotspot to get the internet. Can I connect it somehow to get directv o

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If I want to use my phone for and internet connection, I can do that from my laptop. I make my phone a portable hot spot. Can I connect to directv ondemand using my phone as a portable hot spot for the internet connection? How would I do that?
Afi-saran asked this question 4 years ago
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    No. You need a real hard line internet connection with a Ethernet cable plugged in from the modem to the receiver

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    Having been one who's played online MMORPGs somewhat reliably with a cell phone hot spot, I'd say you "technically" could do it if you have a wireless adapter for your DIRECTV HD-DVR receiver (or basically an Ethernet to wireless bridge), but I doubt the speeds of the hotspot via cell phone would be anywhere close to tolerable enough to rely on for downloading entire shows, especially if you want them in HD.

    DIRECTV advises you have a minimum speed of 750kbps with a recommended speed of at least 2mbps. Cellular internet often has latency issues and won't provide a consistent speed because the usage of other cellular phone users on the same tower can affect your speeds. Thus, even on 4G, your connection may not be kept reliably at this speed.

    For best results, I would recommend you set it up the way TECH suggests: a hard wire Ethernet connection to a broadband Internet connection (DSL/Fiber/Cable).
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    If a hardwired connection is not an option, it could be done with a DirecTV CCKW (Cinema Connection Kit Wireless). If this is the option you wish to go with you can order one on www.directv.com or by calling 1-800-531-5000.
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    The simple answer is no. Even with a wireless adapter or cinema connection kit, you don't have the satellite signal going to your phone. The technology is not that advanced yet.
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