I need to program the tv to the remote. It is a sanyo tv

need remote tv codes for a sanyo tv

I need the codes so I can program the directtv remote to control the sanyo tv
Ron asked this question 4 years ago
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    How to scan for TV codes on your DIRECTV remote

    Make sure your TV is turned on.

    Slide the mode switch at top of remote to "TV".

    Press and hold the MUTE button. This is located above the number 1 button.

    While still holding down MUTE, press and hold the SELECT button until green light at the top of the remote flashes twice.

    Then enter 9911, the green light on remote should flash twice.

    Point remote at TV and press CHANNEL UP button. Tap the CHANNEL UP button repeatedly until the TV powers off.

    When the TV powers off, press and release the SELECT button.

    Note: If the green light flashes three times before TV responds, then all codes have been cycled through. Our remote controls are guaranteed to program to your DIRECTV receiver; however, your TV may not be compatible with our remote control.


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    Push the menu button on remote, arrow down to Parental Fav's & Setup and push select, then system setup and push select, then remote control and push select, then program remote, scroll down to tv and select sanyo, the rest is on screen to help. You can also get remote codes on DirecTV.com
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    All the codes are built in to the receiver its in the menu, settings and under remote tab .
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    Slide the selector switch (top center of the remote) to the far right, hold mute and select buttons until the green light above the selector flashes twice, press 10154, hold the mute and select buttons again, press 960, slide the selector back to the left. This code will operate nearly all Sanyo TV's.
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    slide the switch on top of the remote to tv, push mute and select together until the light blinks twice, then try these codes one at a time. after ech code, try volume. if volume works, move the switch under the DTV logo and use the 'off' button. if it works ta dah! if not try the next code.
    10154 10799 11142 10893 11362 10036 10107 10208 10054 10088 10146 10484
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