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I need direct tv email for damage claims

I need direct tv email for damage claims
Diana asked this question 2 years ago
  • DIRECTV • 15725 answers • 95% helpful or u can call DIRECTV AT 1-800-531-5000..... MAKE SURE U ASK FOR THE CLAIMS DEPT........ THANK U....

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  • DIRECTV • 5767 answers • 96% helpful

    Phone: (303) 712-5033. Email: ( must provide account number in email).
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  • DIRECTV • 1414 answers • 91% helpful

    You need to call 18005315000. They will email you all necessary forms to file a damage claim. Also make sure to take a lot of pictures.
  • DIRECTV • 4385 answers • 90% helpful

    Call 1-800-531-5000 and have rep submit the damage claim for you. they will give you the instructions that must be completed, then the claims department will then follow up with you
  • DIRECTV • 4174 answers • 92% helpful

    Just call 18005315000 and speak with the damage claim department. They will give you the information you need