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I have to return my receivers because I upgraded but I did not get the returning labels with the...

I have to return my receivers because I upgraded but I did not get the returning labels with the boxes. I need to print out the return labels, how do oil do that I cannot find the websit
Heather asked this question 8 months ago
  • AnswerMan

    I can Help; I've been trained by DirecTV. I have worked as a Technical Support Supervisor for DirecTV for...

    Best to call into customer service at 1-800-531-5000 to se if your receiver(s) need to be returned. No all receivers need to be turned back in - depending on how old they are


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    • AnswerMan

      By calling in we can resend prepaid shipping labels to you.
      We here at DIRECTLY is not Directv, we are current and former employees. We do not have access to your account and our advice is limited based on the information you provide.
    • H


      They are a year old and we talked to directv yesterday and they told me to go to to print out a return label but I can't Effie fin the site!
    • H


      Sorry didn't mean the "!" But me and my husband were on the phone for almost 2 hours with them yesterday and 4 ppl messed up our account, and FINALLY one lady was able to get everything squared all we need to do now is return the equipment....but they never sent us a returning the last person we spoke with she said to go on the website and print the label out....but I can't seem to find it
    • AnswerMan

      what type of receiver is it and I'll look up what needs to be done with it - the site they is only to "recycle" older receivers
    • H


      I already spoke with a directv rep I really appreciate your help thanks again!
    • D Girl

      If your receivers are to be returned, directv has to send you the shipping labels - the other address is only if the receiver is no longer being used (just a recycle center to keep waste out of landfills)
    • H


      I'm glad I called cause they were supposed to be returned because I just upgraded that's all ??
  • tdeel74

    Professional Installer with 12+ years experience with DIRECTV

    Here is the website


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