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i have directv genie and it says it cannot find a server

i have directv genie and it says it cannot find a server
kezia asked this question 2 years ago
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    Unplug main box while powered on. Wait 1 minute and plug it back in. Box will reset and capture server. If, for some reason, that fails call 1-800-531-5000 for further support.

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    Do you have problems with the clients (small boxes that run off the Geenie) as well? I've seen this problem at a customers house where the clients search for the server (which is the Geenie) and in on instance the built in decas were bad on the geenie and caused bad communication with the clients running of the Geenie. It sounds more like a networking problem but if a simply unplug and system reset doesn't work try a forced system update (the red button on the front near the access card). If all else fails please call DirecTV and have a service tech come to further diagnose the problem.