I have been with Directv for over 2 years(lenght of contract), I no longer can pay the $100 + a...

I have been with Directv for over 2 years(lenght of contract), I no longer can pay the $100 + a month, when I call Directv and asked to disconnect my services they said that "I have renewed my contract for 2 more years & I have to pay them $380.00 to disconnect". I know @ no time renewed the contract with them, when I asked to see the copy of the agreement to extent the contract they told me that "A judge has to order it!!!".
I do not know what to do, can anyone help please?
Mansour Miami-Lakes FL
Mansour asked this question 4 years ago
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    A judge does NOT have to order an contract agreement. Not sure where these CSR's come from. Even with an upgrade you 'must' be informed of the new commitment by at least two different people. If you have a www.directv.com account you can find all details there. I would call back 1-800-531-5000 and explain the situation. They can tell you within seconds, the date and reason for new contract. Also explain the price issue and they will work with you for a new plan (which does NOT change contract time). Sorry for all the hassle and avoid the family plan, it's mainly kids channels.

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    In the past two years have you gotten any new equipment. Activation of new equipment automatically renews a 2-year contract. From the sounds of it you got new equipment five months ago. Let me know either way and I may be able to help.
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    have you ever upgrade your equipment? if so that extend your contract if not then call directv back at 1 800 531 5000 and ask for the save team
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    You must have done an upgrade. You could always lower your bill by dropping to family plan for 29.99 a month.
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    If you have upgraded any of your equipment in the past 10 months that would incur a new 2yr agreement, You would have of accepted this through Third Party Verification Department, there really isnt anything you sign, its a verbal agreement and actually goes through 2 departments, the one that you order it from and the third party to verify the terms.

    Money is an issue, we all know that, the great thing about Directv, we are always here to help when we can, ask for ACE they are a department within Directv that can take a look at your account and see what can be done whether or not you qualify for any discount promotions, and or you might try right sizing, maybe downgrading to a smaller package. I wish you luck!

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    It sounds like you have two main issues with DIRECTV: the service agreement you're not aware of, and the price of your service.

    For the service agreement issue, I have found sometimes invalid agreements make it onto an account if you (or a tech on your behalf) activated a receiver as a replacement but the system thought it was an upgrade (common if DIRECTV sends a tech out on a service call thinking the problem is installation related, but the tech determines a receiver is actually the culprit). Invalid agreements aren't usually caught until you ask about your agreement and in turn, dispute it. Ask for CRG (Customer Retention Group) or indicate an interest in disconnecting the account and you'll automatically be transferred to CRG. That is where invalid agreements can be researched, explained if valid, and removed if not.

    While at CRG, ask them about your cost as they can help with that too. Even if you're in a valid agreement, you can still change your programming without breaking that agreement. If you're paying over $100/month for DIRECTV, your package may larger than you need for the service you use. DIRECTV has lots of packages (and some new ones coming next month!). Right-sizing your package (i.e. downgrading to a plan that minimizes you subscribing to channels you don't need) can save you a lot of money, and there may be specials you qualify for to lower your costs even further. At this time, DIRECTV does not renew service agreements for anything but equipment upgrades so you'll have nothing to lose in checking your programming options out.
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    i have been with directv for several years now and have never heard that you need a court order to get a copy of your contract. it sounds like you have upgraded your equipment recently (10 months ago). that is the only way a new commitment would have been added onto your account. Unfortunately, once you accepted and activated your new equipment there is no way out of the contract. I suggest you call to see if there are any save offers. Directv has many offers and packages to help keep service within your budget. cal 1-800-531-5000