I have 3 DVR's and the one in my front room will not play any recording.

I have 3 DVR's and the one in my front room will not play any recording. It says " there are too many recordings being watched". I can watched in the family room.
Corinne asked this question 4 years ago
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    Sounds like you have Whole Home Service - 1.Wait until the program is finished being watched on the other receivers or stop playback on one of the other receivers. A.Verify the recording isn't on Pause in another room. B.Press Stop, Exit, or PWR to stop Playback. 2.If the network is busy because of a DoD download
    1.Program not left on pause on HD DVR
    2.HD DVR not already streaming a program to a different receiver
    3.Not already recording 2 shows
    4.No recording OTA content
    5.Not getting a SWDL, DoD download
    6.Check that the program is recorded to the HD DVR (no recording conflicts, HD DVR has access to that channel)

    If those do not work - you will need to call into technical support at 1-800-531-5000

    If you ever need other questions answered, here's a personal link: http://www.insidr.com/in/answerman-2

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    Reset all of your receivers. Then try it again. Let me know if it worked. The whole home dvr is locked up here's my personal link- http://www.insidr.com/in/tech-2
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    Sounds like you have the whole home DVR. This comes up sometimes. Are two receivers trying to watch the same recording. That could cause the issue. Follow tech and UNPLUG (better than reset button) all receivers for 15 seconds and plug back in. Doesn't matter the order, but they all need to be done at once. That should clear out the error code.