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I had to cancel my directv service and am a bit confused on returning the receivers.

I had to cancel my directv service and am a bit confused on returning the receivers. I have HD DVR, HD, and SD receivers. They sent the box to return them, but it is only one box. I called and asked why I only received one box and they told me that they did not need one of the receivers. Being the paranoid person I am, I called them back and a new person told me that they would send me another box. I called a third time and they said that I needed another box and saw that they had sent one. I am just confused on who is right, the first person or the other two. Also, do i have to send back the HDMI cables that came with the receivers?
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Joshua asked this question 2 years ago
  • Q: What are the model numbers of the HD and SD receivers?

    A: the HD is H21-200, the SD is D12-300 and the HD DVR is HR 21-700

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    Accepted answer
    It all depends on the size of the box that they sent you, and depending on the SD or HD box, one of those receivers you may own or they might be a model that we do not use anymore.
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      Ok, the HR21-700 and the H21-200 will need to be sent back for sure. And if you got all of the receivers at the same time, then they will all have to go back. But if you had the D12-300 way before you got the HD/DVR and the HD, then you might own it. But all 3 of the receivers are still being used all over the USA. So, I am guessing that you will need to send all 3 receivers back, but I am just a Tech., and not someone that deals with that side. Just someone that knows what receivers are still used in different customers home's.
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      And I hope that has helped you out some, and thank you for letting me and other people try to help you out.
    • J
      I got all of them at the same time. Another box is already on the way, so I am just sending all of them back. I just noticed on the return sticker that it has the two receivers I need to return in the box I have already gotten and they are the D12 and HR21. Thanks for the help.
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      Your welcome and have a good night!
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    All you need to send is the box and the power cord. As I can not access your account I can not tell you which boxes you need to return call one more time and ask for a manger to tell you which RID numbers you need to send. That is basically the boxes serial number.
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    Hi Joshua ,my name is Edward ,I'm a certified Directv technician ,to answer ur question,it depends on what type of reciever u have ,if u have a out dated reciever,u do not need to send it back,if u have standard d-11 model,u do not need to send it back,if Directv still determine u do not need to send it back,make sure Directv give u the last four num# of the smart card located in right front of the reciever,also have Directv send u a statement so u can have on file for ur personal records,and no don't worrie about sending the hdmi cord back.
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    Ur still getting all these answer from even us, Just send all them back. U know if u do that ur good & directv will not send u a bill for unreturned receivers. Let me know if u need anymore help with this.
    • J
      I am just going to send them all back. I was just curious because I was getting so many conflicting answers. The other box will be here soon and I will send the receiver back. Thanks
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      Also u don't have to send HDMI wires back, just the receivers. Thank u for the rating!!!!!!!!