I Can't get my caller ID to work on my direct tv.

I Can't get my caller ID to work on my direct tv. i ran a telephone cable from the receiver to a telephone outlet, and it's turned on in the caller ID setup.
Donald asked this question 3 years ago
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    ok first make sure the phone conection you are using is good sometime phone lines have reversed polarity and the id will not work because of this you do need a phone tester to do this but they are very inexpensive at a hardware store turn the id off in the menu try it then tujrn it back on i works sometimes and sometimes it looks lke the id is onand its off its got me a few times too put a dsl filkter on the phone line even if you dont have dsl it takes out noise if you are using a cable based or internet based phone the caller id might not work no matter what you do first thing reset the reiciver before you try anything that is innportant
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      if nothng works you could have a bad modem in your rieciever try running the sysytem test to see if the rieciever reconizes the phone line too
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    Hi Donald. first, check to make sure the phone line is active and once you have confirmed that do a hard reset of your receiver. While the receiver/tv is turned on unplug receiver from electrical outlet for 15-20 seconds, then plug back in - this will cause your receiver to reboot. If this does not resolve the issue call 1-800-531-5000 and speak with Technical Support. Be prepared for some hands on troubleshooting.