How to hook up direct tv through VCR, Old tv

How to hook up direct tv through VCR, Old tv
robert asked this question 3 years ago
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    It depends how 'old' we're talking about. Many older TV's only have one input which was/is coaxial cable. If this is the the case, you have two options. You unplug the DirecTV when you want to use the VCR and vice versa, or you can go to Radio Shack or best buy and they sell junction boxes to give you more inputs for the TV. If TV has more than one input just plug VCR into other input. When you want to watch VCR you just change input. Hope this helps!

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    from your Directv receiver to your VCR (try and use the RCA cables) then from your VCR to your TV (again try and use RCA type cables)
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    Use composite cables or coax to the input on your vcr, then turn your vcr on and change out to either channel 3 or line 1
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    K u need a RG-6 wire (coax wire), RCA Jacks (red, white and yellow) or hdmi if its HD... Basically u have ur tv and Directv receiver. U need to hook up ur DVD player between them... I was trained to treat this like a hamburger.. Ur tv and r receiver is the bun... Ur DVD player is the meat.. All wires go to the DVD player.. so take a wire to the reciever, then take a wire from r receiver to the DVD player... Hope this didn't sound to silly, but its helped me in my 11 years as a tech... Let me know if u need more help... THANK U..