how to get direct tv off my credit report

how to get direct tv off my credit report
rayahzhanique asked this question 3 years ago
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    Any Company you do business with reports to credit agencies. Once an item is on your credit report it takes years for it to come off. Best to have a positive rating with that company so it helps your credit report and not impact in negatively.

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    If it's a positive rating I'd leave it. If it's a inquiry - DirecTV does run credit checks for service and they stays on for 2 years I think (Although you can dispute directly with the credit reporting agency although normally they do nothing with inquiries). If it is for collections it is because a bill was not paid in full after 60 PLUS days and went to an outside collection agency. To remove the bill would have to be paid in full and you would then have to contact the collection agency that put the listing on your credit.
    Sorry their isn't any more we can advise except you always have the right to refer to an attorney to see if they can assist. Personally I would dispute with the credit reporting agencies' sometimes that helps.

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    If u owe a bill u must pay it. Even if u do pay it, it will show u paid it. It will also show were it went to collection or u let it default. That on ur credit report takes years to come off. I know this isn't what u want to hear, but its the truth.

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    Bill has to be paid in full to DirecTV including any penalties. Then it can take 6hours months. Sorry I cannot give you better news
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    You must pay any depts directv is very strict. They will hire a collection agency they may be willing to accept less
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    it depend on you... if you left with a clean debt with directv