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how much does it cost to cancel your contract with Directv?

how much does it cost to cancel your contract with Directv?
Shelly asked this question 2 years ago
  • DIRECTV • 4401 answers • 90% helpful

    Early Cancellation Fees are pro-rated at $20 per month for each month of the agreement not completed - This fee will be applied to your billing within 3 days, You will receive your final billing within 8 days. It is due in 20 days. If payment is not received and you have a credit/debit card on file Directv will automatically deduct the funds from your credit/debit card. Within 3 business days after cancellation, directv will send you recovery kits for your receivers and remote controls. You have 21 days to return them or you will be charged an equipment non-return fee which again can/will be deducted from your credit/debit card.

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    It equals to $20 a month. So how ever many months u have left on ur contract. Hope this helps. :)
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    • DIRECTV • 15908 answers • 95% helpful

      Just make sure u return the receivers, directv will send u boxes to send these back. Even though i' m just a tech i'm sorry about all the channels u have lost. Ive been a tech for 11 years & i knew we would lose alot of great cust like urself over this. Sometimes i wish they would just settle & eat the price so cust we would b happy. Thats all we want brcause i' m a cust too. :)
  • DIRECTV • 4197 answers • 92% helpful

    20 dollars for the remainder of your contact
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  • DIRECTV • 5837 answers • 96% helpful

    Sorry to hear you wish to cancel your service with DirecTV. As D-Girl stated it would be $20.00 a month for each month left on your contract.
  • DIRECTV • 3632 answers • 91% helpful

    To find out exact cost, you can call 1-800-531-5000 and they can tell you exactly how much time you have on contract (if any) in about 20 seconds. Also, if money is an issue LET THEM KNOW. Whenever a customer wants to cancel, you're sent to a special department that can throw a LOT of free stuff your way. Of course, the final decision is yours. Wish you the best!