how do i hook up my ineternet to my direct tv so i can watch netflix

how do i hook up my ineternet to my direct tv so i can watch netflix
Kenna asked this question 3 years ago
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    U will need a tech to come do that. It's a part we hook up. Call 1-800-531-5000. Thank u for being a cust. Hope this helps.
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    You can not use Netflix with directv. You can however use cinema direct which is directvs version. If you have hddvr and you are close to your router you can run an Ethernet wire from your router to the box and rest your box. After 24 hours you can go to channel 1000.
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    Netflix can not be streamed through DirecTV at this time. As for connecting your Internet to your Receiver - you must have an HD type receiver - then connect an Ethernet cable to port 1 of the Ethernet slot on the back of the HD receiver - for HD-DVR you will be able to use on-Demand and other features
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    Directv and Netflix are not compatible, however, you can connect the internet to your HD receiver and be able to view On Demand Movies. If your receiver is not near your computer you can call 1-800-531-5000 and order a cinema connection kit and connect with a wireless router.
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    as stated, netflix will not work.

    HD RECEIVERS connected to internet only have access to tv apps, which works intermittently.

    HDDVRS have access to ON-Demand which can be accessed through channel 1000 or through the 'search and browse' selection from the menu.

    a Direct ethernet connection can be made to any model HDDVR or HD receiver below model number 24 (i.e. hr24 or h24)

    If you have whole home DVR, direct connecting will disable the capabilities...
    --- you must have an internet device installed called a broadband DECA installed on your system in order to do both.i would advise calling DIRECTV and ordering the device and having it professionally installed.

    to enable the internet conncetion go to: menu>settings and help>settings>network> connect now... you should get a completetion code and a continue selection, after that it will say that you are ready for the features within 24hrs.
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    You do NOT need a tech to hook up receiver to internet. Hardwire to router or buy powerline setup (about $90 at Radio Shack). Directv is up to $200 to get connected! As stated DirecTV does NOT have Netflix at this time.