How do I get closed captioning to work?

How do I get closed captioning to work? I have enabled CC on my Sylvania LC320SL1 HD TV receiver for both analog and digital service. I am not getting captions. Directv says that they just pass along the captioning as part of the signal they receive and no setting are required to the Directv software.
Norman asked this question 4 years ago
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    Well there's actually two types of captioning. 1st is through the TV itself. Some sets have individual settings. On DTV, push the info button (above the blue one), then push right arrow over to CC. then down arrow to DTV subtitles or Closed Captioning
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    Turn on cc on the audio tab on your Directv receiver menus
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    Difference between Closed Captioning & DIRECTV Subtitles. •They are the same. •DIRECTV Subtitling doesn't have the option to choose the Fonts, Colors, etc. •Notes: DIRECTV Subtitling isn't foreign language translation subtitles.
    ?It's another form of closed captioning.
    The quickest and easiest way to turn on is pressing the "info" button on your directv remote (the info button is just above the blue button). then push the right arrow button until you get to the "cc" then down arrow to turn off DirecTV Subtitle or Closed Captioning.
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    menu button on your directv remote - right arrow to closed captioning - down arrow to turn on/off