how can i get netflix on my tv thru my direct tv

how can i get netflix on my tv thru my direct tv
robin asked this question 3 years ago
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    The quick answer is you can not at this time. You can only watch Netflix on internet enabled TV's, computers, or certain game systems hooked up to the internet. Sorry.

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    direcTV does not currently stream Netflix, you'll have to use either your PS3, your Wii, or a blue ray player to stream your Netflix.
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    Not possible. U can go thru the normal wii, Xbox or blu-ray as long as u have Internet connected. Thank u.
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    Presently, Directv and Netflix are not compatible. To stream Netflix you would have to go thru you gaming system or blueray player.
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    Currently you can not stream Netflix through Directv. Sorry
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    Try connecting ur receiver to an inthernet connection then, go to directv app store and look for the netflix app. But, directv has not joing netflix, blockbuster or redbox.
    Only dish network has the capability to do with blockbuster and only because they own it.