For about three weeks my reception is erratic-on & off on ABC.

For about three weeks my reception is erratic-on & off on ABC. Why has it not been fixed?There has been an occasional note saying they are working on it. Sound and picture cut on and off'
shirley asked this question 4 years ago
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    It could be numerous issues, but if it's ONLY ABC and you get occasional 'notes' saying they're working on it, sounds like a satellite issue. Not your dish but a communication error between your local ABC and DirecTV. There has been an issue with solar flares from the Sun. This in NOT a common thing and usually only happens in March and October. This maybe the issue. Best advice is to call 1-800-531-5000 and not only report the issue, but see if it's logged in the system. Best wishes!
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    as super tech said, it could be the solar flare - would need to know where you live to reseach further
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    Sorry to hear of the issue with your local ABC. Since this is only happening on one local channel and you occasional notice on your screen as previously stated it could be due to the increase in solar flare activity this month. Or the feed we’re getting from your local ABC. Since you are getting a notice once in a while – that notice is either directly from your local ABC or from US, letting you know we are aware of the problem and working with the local broadcaster to resolve. You are welcome to call in however, no much the rep will be able to due on a known issue, unless you wanted some type of compensation.
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