external speakers don't work with receiver and directv dvr

external speakers don't work with receiver and directv dvr
Marian asked this question 3 years ago
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    I am sorry to hear you’re having problems with the audio on your DIRECTV. First if you are using HD receivers make sure that the HDMI cable is hooked up correctly to the receiver. If you are using the external speakers from a separate AV device like an audio receiver you will need to run audio out from the TV to the Audio in on your Audio receiver. By running from the TV the audio will be from all devices. If you do not have an audio out on your TV run the audio out from the DIRECTV receiver and into the audio receiver and this should resolve your problem. If I helped you please select the green smiley face and don’t forget in the future you can always ask me directly by going to http://www.insidr.com/in/satman-3 Thanks again.
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    What kind of cables do you use. If HDMI, check cables and 'receiver' as well as TV settings. If RCA (red, white, yellow) check red and white (audio left and right) carefully. With satellite sound is all part of the signal so it's extremely rare that it has anything to do with the DVR. If I haven't helped please provide more info about the issue and I'll try to do more.
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    when you say external speaks are you just connecting speakers to your DirecTV receiver? normally it would require output from the receiver to a surround sounds system or stereo system.
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    Try using another input, this should work unless there is something wrong with the speakers.. Or u can use a set of RCA jacks, just using the red and white for audio..Let me knoww if u need more help...THANK U!!!!!!
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    can you walk me through what cables you are using? then i can walk you through getting it hooked up correctly and get it working. reason is, there are multiple ways to get it working.