directv wontcome on keeps saying no servers werew detected.

directv wontcome on keeps saying no servers werew detected. Check yourconnections. Ive checked all connections and reset the box. has been like this all day. Seems to do it whenever it times out and shuts down after being inactive for so long. When I go to turn it back on it wont find a signal with a server.
Cindy asked this question 3 years ago
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    Hi Cindy. If you have not used your receiver for a while it goes into a sleep mode (after 3 weeks). You will have to call 1-800-531-5000 and have a rep resend authorization to your receiver, or you can log into your account at, go to the equipment tab and resend authorization yourself.
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      Also, using your remote control press the menu button, then settings and help, then settings, then power saver and turn it off so this does not happen any more.
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    Cindy - try resetting your server, not just the client box attached to it. If it still says 'no servers detected' - do you have an adapter or internet connected? If so unplug the adapter or ethernet cable from your receivers - the issue your having maybe software related and an update will correct the issue.
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      Reset ALL HD-DVR's in the home, while those are resetting reset ALL HD receiver in the home and then reset all other receivers by the time the all come back up (Say about 10 minutes) that should find the sever (which is an HD DVR or the new Genie).
      If that doesn't work let me know I have some other tricks you can try - however by following resetting all receivers resolve most Whole home and client issues.
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    Unplug the client for 10 seconds, then power back on. Make sure network light is green