cannot get full screen picture

have reset satellite several times and cannot change size of the picture. My full screen is not being utilized. All Hd channels and all non-HD channels are the same size. Have gone through menu resettings and cannot get to a fulll screen picture
sandra asked this question 4 years ago
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    Just hit menu, setup, hdtv, video, make sure the native is off, screen format is original, bar color is black. Make sure your ratio is 16:9. Then go to display and make sure it is hiding your standard definition channels.. tune to an hd channel. Like ESPN and see if its full screen during program. It might not during commercial ... if still not full screen check tv settings make sure your tv is on full or wide. Not zoom
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    1) press menu
    2) select parental favs and setup press select
    3) select system setup press select
    4) select HDTV press select
    5) select TV ratio across the top of the screen use your red or green buttons
    6) for format (Widescreen usuall works)
    From this screen you can also set resolution and asect ratio. play with it until you get what you need.
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    you must have nayive on and origanl formate on. dont let these jokers tell you any differnt. make sure all resolution are check mark 480i thrue 1080i and if tv supports supports1080p then do so. then go into you tv setting and not directv setting and turn off your tv 3:4 settings what is happing is that your tv is overriding directv setting. you what directv to set your setting for opptimal performance. but finding the setting in the tv to turn off your 3:4 settings is going to be tricky. but i have done this lots of times in the feild. so good luck to you.