Black screen no sound and can not change channel

Black screen no sound and can not change channel
Tim asked this question 3 years ago
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    Sounds like you're on the wrong input. Find the TV input button on either that television or television remote and keep pushing it until you get a picture. Cycle through slowly because it takes time for the picture to catch

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    From the receiver's front panel, press the Resolution button and cycle through the 4 resolutions. Note which resolutions result in video. Select the resolutions in the receiver's menu that result in video or that the TV supports.
    If unsure which resolutions are supported by the TV, check the owner's manual. Remove the check box from resolution 480i in the receiver menu when using HDMI. Verify the receiver's on a resolution that the TV supports.
    The format button on the remote changes between the resolutions that are checked in the menu. To change to a resolution that isn't selected in the menu, use the front panel resolution. Turn off Resolutions [Native] mode.
    Set the receiver's Resolutions [1080i etc] to 1080i or 720p
    From the TV's control panel:
    Find the Input or TV/Video button. Cycle through the inputs in the TV itself.
    The DIRECTV white remote, if the Input button is programmed to the TV, can be used instead. The TV manufacturer's remote may also be used. Try resetting the TV by turning it off/on using the TV's power button. If the TV doesn’t reset, try a hard reset by unplugging it.
    Verify the HDMI cables are connected to both: HDMI jack on receiver.
    HDMI jack on TV. Remove and re-insert the HDMI cable from both the receiver and the TV, making sure the connections are secure. Try any alternate HDMI jacks, if there are any. (Some TVs have more than one HDMI input.)
    If there's an A/V receiver attached to the system: Remove it. Run the HDMI cable directly from the HD receiver to the TV. If this resolves the problem, the A/V receiver may need to be checked.
    Component cables provide excellent HD quality video - as good as HDMI.
    Connect all 3 component cables (red, green, and blue). Note - Component cables only provide video; audio cables must be attached, too. RCA-type cables (red and white). (Leave off the yellow cable - it's just for non-HD video.)
    If those steps do not work either reply back here to me and I can provide more troubleshooting steps or call technical support at 1-800-531-5000
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    input problem press input till tv comes on.slide bar in center all the wah to right
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    Unplug ur receiver for 1 minute, then plug back in. This will reset ur receiver. If this doesn't work try ur input/source button in ur tv remote. U might be on the wrong input. Turn ur tv @ & check the input/source number. Let me know if u need more help.