can i take a crochet hook on a delta flight next friday to south america

can i take a crochet hook on a delta flight next friday to south america
Susan asked this question 3 years ago
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    The TSA recommends the following to ensure you have no problems bringing your work on board: Circular needles should be no longer than 31 inches. Choose bamboo and plastic needles, not metal. Scissors should have blunt tips--and plastic might be preferred to metal. And bring a crochet hook with yarn to save your work in case a TSA officer takes your tools.

    As a rule, shorter needles attract less attention, so try to keep it simple for the purposes of travel. You can take the longer needles with you, but leave those in your checked luggage.
    Bring a self-addressed, stamped envelope with you, just in case. If an officer takes your needles or other tools, he or she will mail them back if you provide the envelope.

    Most of your crafting tools are allowed, including sewing needles, quilting needles, pins, thread cutters and nail clippers.

    A few items will be confiscated no matter what. The TSA says these are no-no's: circular thread cutters, cutters with a blade contained inside, scissors with pointed tips and any longer than 4 inches, knives, razor blades, and anything else that can be perceived as having use as a weapon.

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    Some crochet hooks aren't allowed on carry on bags. I'm not sure which ones. I suggest that you ask someone at the delta counter. If they can't help, ask someone at security check in such as a tsa officer.
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      Want yo give update. I comfirmed with tsa. Its going to depend on the type of needle. I was told in most cases no that you can't carry those on. Your best bet once again will ne asking someone at ticket.counter
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    Here's the link to the TSA's official answer:

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