Two TV's in my home are not working and just stopped playing with in 1 week of each other.

Two TV's in my home are not working and just stopped playing with in 1 week of each other. could there be a connection problem?
pinky asked this question 2 years ago
  • Q: Are the two tvs giving you an error message? Or just going to black screens?

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  • Q: do you have cable boxes connected to the TV"S or are they running basic cable directly connected to the TV

    A: Cable boxes connected to TV's, and they are just going to black screens, no sound.

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    What you are describing is an advanced form of tiling. Tiling typically starts as a mosaic effect on the screen with some possible intermittent audio. However it can sometimes go to a black screen with no audio in some cases. Tiling is what happens when there is a signal issue. The fact that the boxes didnt go out on the same day could mean there is a small error that is growing. You will most likely need a technician to fix the issue since it is more than one box, however there is a process you can take to possibly help the problem and restore the service. It would be a band-aid measure but would at least get you back up and running, possibly. What you will want to do is unplug the power to both boxes, and remove the cable line from the back of the box and at the wall. If there is a splitter or cable barrel connector on this line, unhook the cable from both sides of it as well. If the boxes are HD boxes and are using HDMI connections, then turn off the TV's and unhook the HDMI cables from both the box and the TV as well. Wait about 15 to 20 seconds, then hook up the cable line first. Start at the wall and make the connections in order out to where the box is the last thing hooked up. Then in the case of HDMI, hook the HDMI to the box first then the TV. Now plug in the box. Wait for it to load and see if the issue has resolved. If so, it may buy you a few days or even a few months. If you have noticed Cox trucks in your neighborhood the signal issues may have just been trapped static from the maintenance to the lines. The system has ways to clear that static, but it is not 100% effective. I would still have your lines inspected as the issue can and probably will come back. Even a small amount of damage to the cable line can cause this issue. Hope this helps.

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